Art Of The Duo - Live in Mexico

Gunther Klatt & Tizian
Art Of The Duo - Live in Mexico

TUTU CD 888184


Tizian piano, melodica
Gunther Klatt tenor & soprano saxophone, piano



1. Prelude To A Kiss
2. Lost In The Stars
3. Day Dream
4. Solitude
5. Strangehorn
6. Warm Valley
7. Star-crossed Lovers
8. Mexico City
9. Speak Low
10. Giudecca MP3
11. In A Sentimental Mood


Producer: Peter Wiessmueller
Digital recording engineer: unknown
Recording date: 18th of april, 1993
Location: recorded ‘live’ at concert hall Nezahualcoyotl in Mexico City
Design digipack: Gunther Klatt
Design booklet: Peter Wiessmueller & Michael Stueckl


I’ve always been an absolute ballad freak, but find that over the last few years, the great moments of the celebration of this discipline are becoming more and more rare. The young Miles complained once about forty years ago to the older Dizzy, about why he could not play the higher registers like him. Dizzy answered, “”Because you don’t hear them, you have to hear “high notes” like these within you to be able to play them.” From that point of time onwards, Miles gave up the effort to try and blow as high and brilliant as Dizzy, to want to sound like his great rôle model. Instead of this, in the years following this, Miles became perhaps the greatest jazz ballad player of all times, because he only played what was natural to him. Transposing the meaning of this, it might be postulated, that the ballad is the “inner voice” of the interpreter; it seems to have become silent, or else the younger ones don’t hear it any more.

Gunther Klatt is somebody who knows how to listen to what’s within him, so that whoever loves ballads today cannot ignore or brush past him. Like no one else in the country, he has prescribed this mode of playing for himself, has made this his metièr. whether it’s ellington or Strayhorn, Kurt Weill or other standards, such brilliant compositions serve him actually only as a vehicle, he uses them to express himself, his personality, his inner state of being. People can feel it, he lets them participate in his gifts, which is why those who come are inspired, again and again, whether he’s performing in Munich, Calcutta or Mexico City. I can remember a legendary concert - that was in the late autumn of 1989 - a duo concert in Munich’s Pep, a little suburban theatre on the outskirts of Munich - and Tizian Jost. He’d learnt his craft fast and proved to be a congenial partner for Klatt and his unmistakeable sound, and that ‘touch of historical piano’ has never left my ears since.

This compact disc is a limited edition pressing, presented in an unusual digipack. Each and every one of them contains an original drawing of the musicians, also signed by hand. This ballad masterpiece will not be available in this form on the open market; a CD presentation will take place perhaps in Mexico City…or Munich…or even Venice…No advertisements will appear in any printed media. In Germany one such copy can be acquired directly from Tutu Records