Dancing Over The Moon

Art Of The Duo: Enver Izmailov & Geoff Warren
Dancing Over The Moon

TUTU CD 888168


Enver Izmailov electric guitars
Geoff Warren flute & soprano saxophone



1. Terrain Turquoise
2. Touch Down At Falconara
3. Ancona Danza
4. Among The Hops
5. Near The Grapes
6. Boina
7. Dolu
8. Lonely Dancer
9. Enver's Mood #2
10. Departure
11. White Minarets


Hot Lips and Dizzy Fingers

With a simply inexhaustible melodic imagination and joy of experiment, the ground is cut from under the feet of all attempts to force music into hide bound categories. If we’re talking about World Music here, then it’s about integrating music elements and ways of playing from different cultural circles at the highest possible artistic level.

Surprising stylistic metamorphoses make life difficult for any academic attempts to approach the music. The Englishman Geoff Warren puts his finger on it when he describes the “art of the duo”, that he celebrates here with Tartar, Enver Izmailov: “We make music that just comes out of our physical, psycho-spiritual and intellectual personalities. This duo finds a somnambulous balance of these forces and thus forms a unique organization of tonal possibilities”.

Both Enver Izmailov and Geoff Warren are masterly craftsmen, instrumentalists. The one taps on the guitar strings with all ten fingers and creates the impression of an entire orchestra playing, whilst the other, on flute and soprano saxophone, provides the suppleness of almost never-ending expressive power. On the appointed basis of a seven-eight or eleven-eight time, stories of the occident and of the orient are unravelled in mulitfacetted communicative improvisation; so do new forms of musical expression come into existence.

If you listen, you will glide away into worlds beyond and over the moon - where not only your feet shall be dancing!