Landwhales In New York

Gordon Lee Quartet
Landwhales In New York

TUTU CD 888136


Jim Pepper tenor & soprano saxophone
Gordon Lee piano
Calvon Hill bass
Bob Moses drums



»For many the centre of attention will be the late Pepper’s reedy but emotionally supercharged sax tone and his compositions built on native American chants, both qualities much admired by Jan Garbarek, incidentally!«
Chris Clark, Jazz, The Magazine / London, August 1993

»Two compositions by Lee and three by Pepper suggest a similar musical concept, especially as they comprise attractive melodies and - a pleasant change from the eternal Bop - have a lilting, modal form. Into this flow Lee’s largely melodic style and Pepper’s intensity, which made him -apart from everything else- the most famous integrationist of his own Native American music and contemporary jazz.«
Gerhard Ambrosius, Platten, Station to Station, Kiel, October 1993