Song of Nature, feat. Charlie Mariano

Tabla & Strings
Song of Nature, feat. Charlie Mariano

TUTU CD 888230


Charlie Mariano alto saxophone
Fjoralba Turku vocals
Geoff Goodman mandocello, banjo & el-guitar
Bernd Hess el- & acoustic guitars
Tobias Ott tabla



Song of Nature / Anaesthesia # Two / Mr. Luna / Viraha / Iceland Ponies / A Stram of You / The Weight of Water / Down the Cavery / Island Everywhere / Der Gelbe Drachen / Blue in Green / Coda


All compositions are written by the band, except ‘Blue in Green’ by Miles Davis & Bill Evans

Total time: 67:07
Producer: Peter Wiessmueller
Recording: Studio v. Alten, Munich
Recording Dates: 17th & 18th of October 2007

Between Saxophone & Voice: A Stream of Colours

The guitarist Geoff Goodman and Bernd Hess, the virtuoso on the tabla, Tobias Ott and the Albanian singer Fjoralba Turku make up a quartet which melds western and eastern tones to create one homogenous sound. The skilful rhythms of Indian tradition, the soaring sounds of shimmying/flurrying strings, the crystal clear delicate voice and the dark mystique of languorous harmonies converge into an unusually deep and radiant object of sound art. Melodies structured and composed through out are a strong contrast to the audibly free improvisation, flowing ragas alternate with groove oriented pieces, as also jazz or songs inspired by folklore both in the Albanian and in the English language. Floating suspended above all these: the improvisation of that old master on the saxophone Charlie Mariano – spontaneous and yet as if chiselled out of stone!

This second Tabla & Strings album is also in the spirit of ‚Blue in Green’. The band leader Geoff Goodman’s creation with sound colours is striking. He counts as one of the greatest on the scene in this context. For him tradition means passing on the burning torch, not the consecration of ashes. Accordingly, he seeks in certain niches with an assurance greater than others, for the intense value of each sound colour.

On the second album of the group after Islands Everywhere he adds a horn and voice added, thus letting Tabla & Strings appear in a totally different light. He thus discovered the young singer from Albania who grew up in Germany: Fjoralba Turku – a revelation, without a doubt!
The quality of the album Song of Naturee is not only about ‘World Music’ at its best – you will look in vain for the joins and seams – but more than this: the listener will be surprised by an ecstasy of shimmering sound - oscillating between blue and green, travelling from melancholy to hope, between heaven and earth, from orient to occident, into a turquoise blue yonder – with no insurance schemes.