Violin Tales

Hannes Beckmann
Violin Tales

TUTU CD 888202


Hannes Beckman violin
Edgar Wilson piano
Michael Blam bass
Imre Köszegi drums



1. March For My Friend Blam
2. Speedy Edgar MP3
3. Walk With My Father
4. Afro Dio
5. The Cab Driver
6. Imre, The Gambler
7. Turn To G


Producers: Hannes Beckmann, Michael Blam & Peter Wiessmueller
Recording: Zoran Maric
Location: Radio Belgrad, Studio 6, January 1998
(c) & (p) 1999 Pasparamas Music


One could describe the violinist from Munich, Hannes Beckmann, as a musical counterpart of Emil Nolde. Just as that expressionist painter acquired a more gorgeous and brighter style of colouring, so also Beckmann: “Through his openness towards new influences, particularly Brazilian and Afro-Cuban, but also South East European and classical music, he decidedly enriched the post-Hot Club and Stephane Grappelli style to find a language of his own, in which the rhythmic intensity of the American school and the finely chiselled elegance of the gipsy tradition or the long rhapsodic breath of a Ray Nance are equally present…” - so says the RoRoRo Jazz Lexicon.

Tales told and retold, Violin Tales: Beckmann relates his stories with sensitivity and intuition: his arrangements are stringent. The violin especially has always signified the bright scarlet of feeling, so that the danger of sentimentality lurks at every twist. Beckmann, on the lookout for emotional depth, is immune to this danger, with his masterful understanding of how to make use of shrewd provocation and bizarre alienation effects.