Walkin’ n’ Talkin’

Hamiet Bluiett
Walkin’ n’ Talkin’

TUTU CD 888172


Hamiet Bluiett baritone saxophone, alto flute, alto clarinet



1. Daddy Banks/Doll Baby
2. A View From My Mind's Eye
3. Full,Deep & Mellow/Mighty Denn
4. Talkin' To Myself
5. Back Yard Sonata & Traditional New...
6. Overtone Song/Hard Bottom/Oasis
7. Ballad For My People/Foot Stompin' Blues
8. Departure/Mangalam


“Les saxophonistes baryton sont souvent des musiciens à forte personnalité; ce n’est certainement pas Hamiet Bluiett qui fera exception à la règle…”
Albert K. Ottengam, Nouveautés, Jazz Hot, France, Dec. ‘92


There are indeed dozens of tenor saxophonists in jazz, all of whom can be placed on the same level. But as regards the baritone saxophone, the picture is totally different. From the moment when Gerry Mulligan put down his baritone sax for the last time some months ago, there’s really actually only one name, one protagonist of note on this instrument: Hamiet Bluiett!

From African rhythms to blues, whether free or avantgarde, Bluiett lets the breath of his entire personality flow through his horn. It’s a soliloquy, a conversation with himself, with all manner of facets: sometimes deeply touching, melodic and harmonious, sometimes the talking horn, vocalising, with un unbeatably witty ironical touch; Hamiet Bluiett has the rare gift of being able to listen to his own inner voices and is able to entrance one and all with it; we are immediately completely convinced of the predicament of the soul that he reveals and gives spontaneous expression to.

With an “Oh, what happened to me!” Hamiet Bluiett bows out at the end of Walkin’ & Talkin’ and completes a self-portrait in the manner of an El Greco, able to do without any superficial complacency, without sparing himself. This is what’s fascinating about his music. Regina Veritas - Truth will Rule!