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Tutu Records

Tutu Records is an ambitious minor jazz label that was founded by Peter Wiessmueller and Horst Weber, Enja Records in 1988. The idea of the label’s name came from the famous album of the same name by Miles Davis and therefore also connected with the South-African freedom fighter, Bishop Desmond Tutu. In other words, consistent with the many years of jazz tradition, Tutu Records also stands for political and cultural freedom in general, and for artistic freedom in particular.
The Tutu label releases are primarily in the field of modern jazz and a few of them with touches of Ethno- or so called Worldmusic. First and foremost, we gave artists and musicians an opportunity to present themselves and at the same time, to unfold their potential for self-expression, or else we offered better known musicians the artistic framework for realizing themselves and their ideas. Another aspiration of our productions is to make the music come into being as naturally as possible and then document it, so as to bring about a “live” ambience that creates and conveys a real relationship with life.
A special kind of accent is the chamber music type of series, the “Art of the Duo”. Artistic success is estimated
very highly by us and accordingly, we have counted on long term musical partnerships, always paying great attention to the world wide availability of our albums.
We believe that the up and coming new releases of existing material shall be of great historical significance.

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